For a little while, I have enjoyed the world of podcasts. I mostly enjoy listening to them when I go to bed. This particular podcast, Welcome to Night Vale, which started back in 2012 has opened up a world of weirdness, eloquence, and profoundness. Though it is not for everyone, the podcast has gained a huge fan based thanks to its story lines, voice talent, and truly bizarre atmosphere. Recently, the creators of Welcome to Night Vale have been taking on the literary world in order to expand upon the strange world that they have created.

Night Vale is like any other town, if you don’t count the glow cloud with mind control powers, five-headed dragons, and an mysterious government organization that are all normal parts of daily life in this sleepy desert town. Cecil Baldwin, the local radio host, helps to keep the town informed about the new batches of aliens or ghosts that crop up on occasion. Jackie Fierro, the owner of the local pawnshop who has never aged past nineteen, receives an odd message from a man in a tan jacket that just reads KING CITY. Meanwhile, Diane Crayton, whose son is a moody fifteen-year-old shape shifter, has been seeing her son’s father wherever she goes. Jackie’s search for King City and Diane’s investigation into her son’s estranged father brings them together in ways that will change their lives forever as questions they didn’t ask are answered as well.

Anyone who is already a fan of the podcast is sure to enjoy this novel adaptation. Fink and Cranor keep true to the creepy and profound world that they have created. With Cecil’s familiar monologues that pop up between chapters, Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel delves deep into the lives of familiar and unfamiliar residents of the town. Unafraid to embrace the strange, this novel is a perfect addition to the podcast that many have come to know, fear, and love.

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