I’m a big old Whovian so I’m tagging all of my fellow Doctor Who fans to do this tag. Shout out to Becoming Bookish for making this tag. I greatly appreciate it.

The Classics – A book that still fits into YA literature

I’m going to have to say To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I recently reread it for class and I can see how it holds up the test of time. It may not be my favorite but I do appreciate it.

to kill a mockingbird

4th Doctor

The Ninth Doctor – A book you feel is underrated

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller definitely deserves more attention, if you ask me. Feel free to read my review of the book.

the song of achilles

ninth doctor

David Tenant – A book series that was very hard to say good bye to when it ended

I feel like I don’t need too much of an explanation so I’m just going to leave the picture of the cover down here.

Deathly Hallows cover

Tenth Doctor

Matt Smith – A book that made you smile

The Lost Hero from the Heroes of Olympus series absolutely made me happy. I love the sense of humor that Riordan has that he uses in the books.

The Lost Hero

11th Doctor

Rose and Ten – A ship that never sailed

I was pissed that Miles and Alaska never got a chance in Looking for Alaska by John Green. Looking for Alaska

tenth doctor 2

Weeping Angel – A book that you blinked and it was over

The first time I read The Great Gatsby I breezed through it and was sad I did that. Now, that I’ve reread it I love it and it’s one of my favorites.

The Great Gatsby

weeping angel

Daleks – A book you want to eliminate

I may have books I don’t like but I don’t have any books I would completely destroy.


Bow ties are cool – A bandwagon you jumped early on

I actually read most of The Song of Fire and Ice novels before Games of Thrones became super popular.

Game of Thrones

11th Doctor 2

Run you clever boy, and remember – A book with a clever plot twist

I would have to say that Redshirts by John Scalzi had some really great plot twists that I enjoyed. (Check out my review of that one also)


10th Doctor

Raxacoricofallipatorious – A book with names that you found really hard to pronounce

The Golden Compass tripped me up when I first read it.

the golden compass

9th Doctor

The TARDIS – A book that took you back in time

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak paints a really vivid picture of WWII era Germany and it was fascinating to read.



I hope you all enjoyed this tag and I look forward to seeing other people’s answers.


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