I already did my rant about book tropes that I hate and I’m glad to see that a lot of you feel the same way. As I was thinking about that, I realized that there are also book tropes that I still find endearing. I don’t feel books need these tropes in order to be be good but, if they show up, I thoroughly enjoy them. Let me know if any of you like these too or if you have some beloved book tropes that you enjoy.

Opposites Attract – I already talked about how I hate uneven couples but this is a bit different. I like the couples or friendships who have opposite personalities or ideas but still connect. Whether you have the optimist and the pessimist or the overachiever and the slacker, these relationships are charming in how they both see the world differently but compliment each other’s differences. These character pairs also provide a good foundation for character development. (The gif below is an example.)

kirk and spock

Villain Turned Weird Ally – I don’t see this one too often in literature but I love this trope regardless. There is nothing quite as funny (in my opinion) as seeing the once mighty villain end up befriending the hero in some way, even becoming their best ally. It’s a weirdly specific trope but I think it’s a good one. (Again, I present another example in gif form.)


The Grand Romantic Gesture – I have never been a huge fan of romance novels but I’m a big sap at heart so when I read about some heartfelt romantic gestures I tend to melt inside. I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic somewhere deep in my heart so I can’t help but find some unique expression of sincere love.

princess bride

The “Alice in Wonderland” Plot – Honestly, I really don’t mind the plots that involve a relatively normal character suddenly finding themselves in a topsy-turvy world unlike their own. I think they can be done really well. As long as the story isn’t trying too hard to be like Lewis Carol’s most famous novel then I will continue to eat up the general plot.


The Over-Eager Hero – While I am a fan of the reluctant hero trope, I do find the over-eager hero to be an enjoyable trope as well. I think it’s quite entertaining to have a character who only wants to help in whatever capacity that they can. They’re typically young and wide-eyed but they have all the best intentions. The budding young hero must transform and mature in order to fulfill their dreams of saving the world. (This character can sometimes come across as annoying but they mean well.)


Girls Who Don’t Take Anyone’s Shit – You’ve got to love a well-written, strong female character who is not there to mess around. She knows exactly what she needs to accomplish and she will not let anyone stop her. The world may look down on her but she doesn’t care because she is so sure of herself. These fictional girls should be known the world over as the inspirations that they are. The world can never have enough of these characters in any medium, not just literature.


The Reluctant Companion – This kind of ties into the “Opposites Attract” trope but I love the relationship between the one character who wants to do dangerous and stupid shit and the other character who can’t stop their friend from doing dumb shit so they might as well tag along to make sure their friend makes it out alive. I relate to both of these characters and I love to read about them.






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