I’ve mentioned this book before in tags and gushed about it. Thanks to a book sale at one of my local libraries, I was able to acquire a copy of the novel. I wish I had just bought when I had to read it for a class but now I have it. Now, I will tell you in detail about The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.

Amir and Hassan were just two boys running wild in Kabul, Afghanistan. Despite the fact that Amir comes from an upper class and Hassan is servant, the two form a deep bond that seems to withstand everything. Everything changes, however, when the Soviets occupy Afghanistan and Amir flees the country with his father, never to see Hassan again. While living in America as an adult, Amir receives news that a family friend is ill. Now, he must return and face his past and come to terms with what fates that he and Hassan have been dealt.

Hosseini’s poignant novel follows the span of Amir’s life as he reflects on his whirlwind of a life in Kabul, Afghanistan. With moving themes about family, loyalty, childhood, religion and acceptance, The Kite Runner is a moving story that deals with these in a graceful manner. The subject matter does get intense and violent at times but it does not deter from the overall touching message of the novel. The first person narrative feels as though Amir is sitting their, telling you the story directly as he sorts out his past. The Kite Runner is a profound novel that takes the reader on an emotional journey from a childhood in Afghanistan to an adulthood of acceptance.

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