I couldn’t resist when I saw this one. I can’t name a single source for this one but you know who you are if you’ve done this one. I appreciate anyone who enjoys me doing these and, to anyone who doesn’t like these tags, I’ll be posting more reviews soon.

1 A book title that’s the story of your life


I’m a huge fan of Felicia Day and I loved her autobiography. She’s very relatable and even the title spoke to me.

2. A title that describes your perfect weekend.

paper towns

One of the central themes in this book is traveling aimlessly from paper town to paper town. I love just driving around and sight-seeing all of these tiny towns.

3. Title of an adventure you’d like to go on

midnight in the garden

I have always wanted to go to Savannah, Georgia where this book is set. I’m fascinated with the paranormal so I would love to go on a ghost tour in Savannah.

4. Title you would want to name your child

go ask alicethe fault in our starsHarry_Potter_and_the_Sorcerer's_Stone

The first one is pretty obvious. I really like the name Hazel, the main character in The Fault in Our Stars. As for Harry Potter, there are an abundance of names in there that I would consider naming my kids.

5. Title of your ideal job

library of souls

I know it’s not a job title but I would like to work in a library, or just around books in general

6. Title of a place you would like to visit

the shining

I want to do a tour of haunted hotels, including the one that inspired The Shining. 

7. Title of your love life


I’m just an Elizabeth Bennett looking for my Mr. Darcy

8. Questions you ask yourself

what if

My anxious and weird brain if full of “what ifs?”

9. Title of a kingdom you want to rule


I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t like this book but the title does make for a good kingdom name.

10. A title you would name your band

final girls

This one would be a good name for an all female-rock band. Also, I’ll be reviewing this book soon.

11. What is your current mood?


I’m kind of hungry right now.

12. What is your favorite color?


13. How do you feel about this year so far?

the subtle art of not giving a fuck

Maybe some of you feel this way too.

14. Where do you want to travel?


I want to go back to Dublin so badly.

15. What are you summer plans?


I’m not planning on stealing books but I’m planning on stealing away into books.

16. What are your plans this year?

my salinger year

I’m really hoping to get an internship or, at least, apply for some internships.

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