I just came across a pretty wild story regarding a YA novel titled Handbook for Mortals. If you google search the book, a pretty legit looking cover pops up and even an Amazon link. Seems normal, right? Well, the problem is that no one had ever heard of this book. It became the number one best seller on the New York Times and displaced Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give. Since this story is so wild, I’m going to leave a link to it here and link some other stories about literary scandals that may involve the content of the novel, the author, plagiarizing, or any number of issues. I feel like this will be fun to read for any of you that might be interested.

Note: I cannot guarantee that these links will provide all of the details but I will make sure the sources are decent and that they contain as many facts as possible.

The Handbook for Mortals: A best selling book that never existed – You YA lit lovers are going to love this story

A Million Little Piecesor the book that fooled Oprah – Making it onto Oprah’s book list would be a big deal for any author. James Frey received this honor for his “memoir” about a twenty three-year-old drug addict and his recovery. Unfortunately, much of the events never even happened.

The YouTube Ghost Writers – For anyone of you who are up to date on internet stars, you know that a wave of autobiographies of these creators hit the shelves and have sold in the millions. Well, some people were so desperate to cash in that they secretly hired ghost writers in order to get in on the market. (Each word in this title is a different link btw)

Poe v Longfellow – This is an old one but a good one that involves two famous of the most famous American authors accusing each other of plagiarism.

The Curse of The Catcher In The Rye – JD Salinger’s most famous novel has been tied to many infamous crimes, including the assassination of John Lennon, the murder of Rebecca Schaeffer, and an assassination attempt on former US President, Ronald Reagan.

Decoding The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown is most well known for his thriller novels that take on the mysteries of the Roman Catholic church. His most famous novel, however, tackled these already debatable topics with inaccuracy in most of the story. (I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t like these books as a kid)

Lolita In The Middle – The narrator of this novel is a pedophile and then it goes downhill from there.

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