Hello my fellow bloggers. This is my first update post. Don’t feel any pressure to read this but if you’re interested then I appreciate it. On Sunday, I move back to college to complete my senior year. This ought to be a fun but hectic semester that I’m looking forward to. With this will come bigger gaps in between my posts. Hopefully since I’m mainly reading novels this year, I will be able to give you more reviews. Just be aware that I will not be able to keep up as much with my posts.

The next thing I wanted to address was something I have been thinking about for a while. I was thinking about doing movie or t.v. show reviews. Most of the things I watch are comic book based so it would still be relevant to my blog style. Not that I have that much of a blog style, but still. I’m a movie buff and an avid t.v. fangirl so I would like to share those with you all.

Now we are at the last matter of business. I just wanted to thank you all for reading my reviews and dealing with my book tags. I really love your blogs too and I love hearing feedback. I hope you all had an enjoyable summer. To those going back to school, I wish you the best of luck and hope that you achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself.


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