Hello everyone! I hope everything is going well for you. I promise that this is my last Greek mythology-related book for at least a bit. I don’t want you all to think I only review one type of book anymore. I just have a soft spot for Greek mythology and I felt this book was perfect for Women’s History Month. If you want to you can check out my review of Natalie Haynes’ other book A Thousand Ships. This is her latest novel and it came out not too long ago. I can’t contain my excitement anymore so let’s finally talk about Stone Blind.

Content Warning: Discussions and Depictions of Sexual Assault

Medusa was once a young girl trying to find her place in the world. She lived a quiet life with her fellow Gorgons, Euryale and Sthenno. She also had wings and enjoyed the sea, her sister’s flock, and the birds who flew with her. One day, she decides to visit the temple of Athena. It is there she is assaulted by Poseidon, god of the sea. Unable to punish her uncle, Athena punishes Medusa by giving her snakes for hair and a gaze that can turn any living being to stone. Medusa decides to confine herself to her cave but is unaware that a young man named Perseus is on a quest to retrieve the head of a Gorgon.

Natalie Haynes delivers once again with a feminist retelling of one of the most classic Greek myths. This book follows a similar format to A Thousand Ships where it follows multiple characters who are all connected to the central myth. This was a quick read, but no less impactful, tragic, and thought-provoking. Haynes also incorporates many witticisms that make the characters more relatable or human, if you will. There is no denying that female rage and sadness are what lies at the heart of this story, though. Medusa really is a tragic figure and the other female characters, whether they are gods or mortals, are not exempt from crushing patriarchal standards. I don’t mean to go full English major here but this is a perfect book to dissect and examine. Before I go on a tangent, I am going to say go read Stone Blind as soon as you can and let your feminine rage consume you. We don’t just support women’s rights, we also support their wrongs.

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